Your Vision Deserves a Championship Board!

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A good Board is a victory, not a gift
— Cyril Houle, Governing Boards

Developing a highly effective Board doesn’t happen overnight, but is the product of intentionality, engagement, and effort.  That is why I am thrilled to announce the launch of Board Champions.  Board Champions is a year-round, fully customizable Board development program, designed to partner with you in building a Board team capable of translating bold vision into reality.  

Flexible enough to meet the needs of your nonprofit, Board Champions begins with a customized Board Self Assessment and facilitated Board retreat and subsequently may include the following services:

  • CEO or Board coaching

  • Defining Board expectations

  • Assessing the skills and diversity of your Board team

  • Building an effective orientation program

  • Aligning committee engagement with strategic objectives

  • CEO Performance Review

  • Peer-to-Peer Assessment

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