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Utilizing a combination of a leading assessment tool and facilitated Board discussion of results, the Board Self Assessment (BSA) program gathers feedback from individual board members and measures the collective performance of the board.

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(c) BoardSource

Assessment of the Chief Executive (ACE)

A facilitated program and process to enable the Board to meet its annual responsibility to evaluate the chief executive’s performance over the past year and mutually agree on priorities for the future.

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From “Survivor” to “Amazing race”

Leading a dynamic and effective nonprofit Board is challenging!  Often, it can feel like an episode of the television show "Survivor."  In this engaging and interactive workshop, explore practical and refreshingly unique ways in which you can transform your Board journey into an "Amazing Race" to translate vision into reality  

engaged board, effective fundraising

Fundraising is essential to the success of any nonprofit organization.  However, countless Boards struggle with this critical responsibility.  This interactive workshop takes the fear out of Board fundraising and gives Board members the tools they need to effectively generate the resources to ensure mission success. 



Authentic leaders build mission-driven organizations by inspiring staff and volunteers, building a culture of trust, and focusing on the vision. In this interactive and reflective discussion, learn about the qualities of authentic leaders, the values that shape your leadership style, and the inspiring impact you can achieve by connecting more deeply with the leader within.