“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

  • Helen Keller

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“There's no better way to get started on a new chapter for a nonprofit. Everything begins at a Board Retreat and without Gregory's guidance and expertise, our first few steps toward board development and a new strategic plan would still be a mystery. He took the time to understand where we were as an organization and where we are trying to go. I've been a part of many retreats, but the information presented can feel generic and irrelevant. Gregory brings energy to the discussion through timely topics that are directly in line with the organization's trajectory. The Board Members asked if we could do it again next year (and that really never happens)!”

  • Clare Rutz Wallace, Executive Director


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“Gregory was a pleasure to work with throughout the planning, execution and follow up of a Board strategy session. He made sure the four hour session did not drag for a minute and prepared engaging activities which helped our team bond and give us a better understanding of where our organization stands. We left the session feeling inspired and motivated, with a clear vision of next steps to take towards our most important goals.”

  • Marissa Ghavami, Founder and CEO

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“Greg facilitated our board retreat and used a tool that I thought was very helpful for creating conversation and getting to know each other. It was not a silly icebreaker that has been done before. He also analyzed our responses to a quick survey and helped the board members focus on priorities and commit to actions. We are moving forward with an actionable plan, thanks to Greg.”

  • Kathleen Cody, Executive Director

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"Greg's work with our Board of Directors, to help build their confidence as fundraisers, was right on target. His non-patronizing manner and clear articulation of their fundraising responsibility sold everyone on their ability to make a difference for our organization. Greg's ability to synthesize and summarize the data he collected in one-on-one meetings with our board members really helped position our organization as we grow our board into a strong fundraising group of individuals poised to make a real difference in the coming year."

  • Karen Little, Executive Director

university of cincinnati

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“Greg’s inspirational talk on his journey through nonprofits and consulting provided our students valuable insight into a different career path for our nonprofit students that they were previously unaware of. I’m sure many will be reaching out to you for advice in the future. Thanks for being such a great resource for our students.”

  • Dr. Megan Church-Nally, PhD, Interim Program Director, MA Psychology Program

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Greg’s presentation on Non-Profit Board leadership provided great insight. I’m energized to help my Board function at its highest capability and feel that I’m better equipped to do so. Greg delivers his content with terrific clarity and ease, while providing sophisticated ideas and concepts. During the presentation, I was already re-framing key strategies around board engagement. I left confident and excited.

  • Rev. Carrie Gerard, Board Member Blue Ridge Institute


We selected Greg Nielsen to lead our Board through a Board Boot Camp session because of his background and experience. His professionalism and positive energy kept the group engaged. In addition, he was able to tailor his presentation to the needs of our group, as well as the energy level in the room. The session was very valuable to our team.