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Board Excellence and Fundraising Effectiveness Workshops

Did you know that when fundraising expectations are clearly articulated during recruitment, 52% of CEOs report their boards are actively engaged in the organization’s fundraising efforts?

Enjoyed discussing this and more while leading 2 workshops in Miami this week:

  • From “Survivor to “Amazing Race:” Board Champions

  • Engaged Board, Effective Fundraising.


The Value of Traditions

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As summer turns to fall and leaves change, we have ushered in one of my favorite seasons of the year — college football season. In addition to the game itself, many are drawn to college football because of the traditions and pageantry that accompany rooting for your favorite school.

This past weekend, my family made our annual football weekend trip to Notre Dame. This is an extremely meaningful tradition for us, and one we look forward to every year. As we walked around campus, I was reminded of the value of traditions. From listening to the band play the fight song, to eating at a favorite dining hall, to donning your team colors, traditions bind us together. Likewise, traditions also hold special meaning for organizations and team members:

  • Traditions build a sense of belonging.

People possess an innate desire to be part of something larger than themselves. It compels each of us to serve in our own way, from Board members to staff members, volunteers to donors. Traditions cultivate that sense of belonging and higher purpose.

  • Traditions build bridges linking the past, present, and future.

Through the stories, rituals, and habits passed down over time, people gain a unique appreciation of an organization’s history, evolution, and vision as well as a connection to those who have come before, serve now, and will serve in the future.

  • Traditions both reflect and reinforce values and culture.

The primary way in which individuals experience the values and culture of an organization are through the actions of those they serve with. Traditions serve to illuminate these values and bring the culture of an organization to life.

  • Traditions hold space for reflection.

It is easy to get carried away with daily routines and challenges. Traditions provide an opportunity for each of us to pause and reflect, while reconnecting to our vision and the ideals that underlie our commitment to the organization and our teammates.

When was the last time you asked your team about the organizational traditions they value? What is the equivalent of the “fight song” and treasured campus memory for your organization? I invite you to reflect with me this month on the traditions that inspire your organization and team.

Camp to Belong Retreat

Exciting weekend in Minneapolis facilitating a Board/Staff retreat with the team of Camp To Belong. Camp to Belong is an international organization dedicated to reuniting brothers and sisters who have become separated in foster care through a week of camp in the summer and other events throughout the year. Exciting things to come from these talented and passionate leaders!

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We're Growing! Announcing the Launch of Board Champions 🚀🏆

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Last month, we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Nielsen Training & Consulting. Over the past year, I have been honored to work with nonprofit organizations from New Jersey to San Francisco, Miami to Denver, and of course here at home in Kentucky.

As we begin year 2, I recognize that developing a highly effective Board doesn’t happen overnight, but is the product of intentionality, engagement, and effort.

That is why I am thrilled to announce the launch of Board Champions.

This is a year-round, fully customizable Board development program, designed to partner with you in building a Board team capable of translating bold vision into reality.

Flexible enough to meet the needs of your nonprofit, Board Champions begins with a customized Board Self Assessment and facilitated Board retreat and subsequently may include the following services:

  • CEO or Board coaching

  • Defining Board expectations

  • Assessing the skills and diversity of your Board team

  • Building an effective orientation program

  • Aligning committee engagement with strategic objectives

Click the button below to learn more or connect with Greg to set up a consultation. Let’s work together to develop your team into Board Champions!

Elevate Your Board or Staff Team With a Dynamic Retreat

When I facilitate a #nonprofit #Board or staff retreat, I focus on 3 key goals -- to inform, to engage, and to inspire those who attend. It is truly one of the most rewarding and enjoyable areas of my work. When planned thoughtfully and executed well, a Board retreat can be a key step in transforming or elevating a team. Check out the article below for some additional tips. If your Board or staff would benefit from this experience, let's connect!